Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I don't know why I do this to myself. Planting a boatload of onions means I have to dig up and wash a boatload of onions. This is why I don't plant lettuce anymore. I found out I had to pick each leaf, wash each leaf, then spin the whole mess dry. Forget it. I'll buy my lettuce bagged, thank you. But for some reason, I want my own onions. Last year I planted 160. We had onions around all winter long. This year I cut back by about half. Today I plucked 72 onions. It sounds like a lot, but unfortunately, I did a lousy job of keeping the weeds away from the onions and so the majority of them are quite small because they didn't have room to grow. Lesson learned.
I wash the onions outside under the faucet before bringing them in, cleaning off all the dirt and excess skin. By the time I'm about half way through, it no longer matters so much if I take dirty onions into the house. After all, the dirt will clean off easier once it has dried and caked on, right? Anyway, besides the onions, I picked one lemon squash, a lemon cucumber, a Chinese yellow cucumber, and three kinds of yellow squash, one of them a double-header.
Something had dug a crater between the long beans and the former onion patch. Probably a mole. Moles get blamed for everything in our yard.