Thursday, June 17, 2010

Storm clouds moved in quickly late yesterday afternoon. High winds and hard rain followed but it didn't last long and didn't leave nearly enough rain behind. June is supposed to be our wettest month but so far it isn't turning out that way. Most of my plants have enough mulch so I don't have to worry about watering every day. The garlic is the exception; it is ready to harvest but I never got around to adding mulch to the bed, so the ground is now too hard to plow. I will just have to wait a little longer for home grown garlic.

The squash and cucumber plants are growing rapidly, so I'm hoping to have some fresh produce by the end of the month. My tomatoes are behind schedule, as usual. All but one of mine disappeared shortly after planting out. I don't know if the rabbits ate them or if they were abducted by aliens, but they were just gone one day without a trace. Much to my shame, I had to go out and buy my tomato plants for this year. I have one heirloom that survived and two pepper plants. Well, maybe one pepper. One of my plants that I thought was a pepper has been growing across the ground instead of upright. Now I think it may be a ground cherry instead of a pepper. That is fine with me, I just don't remember starting ground cherries. Of course, it was back in March when I was in the middle of a challenging semester, so there is no telling what I may have done. My garden always manages to surprise me, either by what has survived and flourished, or by what I have inadvertently planted.