Monday, June 15, 2009


Well, I know I'm about a month behind, but I finally got some flower seeds planted yesterday. My BFF in San Antonia sent me some Texas Bluebonnet seeds, so I planted a patch next to the melon plant. Then I planted a patch of Green Envy and Violet Queen Zinnias in the spot where the edamame are supposed to be but somehow never happened. I started weeding another patch of the same garden bed so I could plant more flowers when a giant spider happened along. Now, I don't do spiders AT ALL. So I tried to scare it away by banging my trowel next to it. It didn't budge; it just sat there and looked at me. I blinked first. Obviously, we could not both be in the garden at the same time, so I packed up my things went inside for the evening. After all, I thought, tomorrow is another day and the beastly thing can't sit out there guarding his spot forever.

Sure enough, when I went back out for another try today, all was clear. I planted two more varieties of Zinnias in the section of the plot previously owned by the spider. Then I got busy planting Zinnias in the front, two different border mixes on either side of the day lilies. It wasn't until I had finished planting that I realized I had accidentally planted one border mix and one giant mix. Great. Now I will have a lopsided garden. I just can't seem to manage any kind of curb appeal.

I took the daisy picture at Tyler's Bend hiking trail along the Buffalo River. I thought it was a decent picture until we got home and I saw it up close on the computer. Since lasik surgery, I don't always see the small stuff, which is how I unknowingly took a picture of a spider!

We had an inch of rain Sunday morning. I ask you, what would a garden journal be without an occasional weather report?

Flower list 2009
  • Texas Bluebonnets (lupinus texensis)
  • Zinnia, Lilliput, Mixed colors
  • Zinnia, Giant Flowered mix
  • Zinnia, Burpee's Bright Border Mix
  • Zinnia, Envy
  • Zinnia, Violet Queen
  • Zinnia, Benary's Giant